We have the widest variety of turfs from which to select. We take the time to do it right. We use a proprietary lifetime warranted perimeter anchoring system that permanently holds the turf in place. We use a more costly underlayment that thwarts weeds while maximizing drainage.  Only factory certified seaming processes, adhesives and infills are used. Whether it is a small lawn or a 15,000 s/f play area, we provide the same rugged and reliable installation techniques. We avoid in process installation delays. Once we start you installation we continue until it's completed. Your salesperson is on the job the day it starts and regularly thereafter to be sure it meets your expectations and exceeds ours.

We have a long list of thrilled customers throughout South Florida should you wish to contact some of them.  You’ll find comfort in our 8 year factory warranty, our 1 year warranty on workmanship and our longevity as a reliable and reputable provider in South Florida since 2002.

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